What if I am considered a "passenger of size" or a "passenger requiring extra space"?
Some U.S. air carriers have announced new or newly-enforced policies that apply to what they call "passengers of size" or "passengers requiring extra space." If an airline determines that you are a passenger of size and applies its policy, you may be required to purchase an extra seat to accommodate your need for extra room. To determine if you might fall into this category, please review the information at the major airline policy links provided below. Some groups may fly on other non-US based carriers. TnCIS can assist you in finding their policy, if needed.

Because TnCIS purchases tickets in advance as a group, if you are considered a passenger of size or a passenger requiring extra space, you will be required to pay the additional ticket cost by the program fee payment deadline in March. If any refund is processed by the airline, TnCIS will notify you following the completion of your air travel. This may take up to 6 weeks after your return to the US. It is the participant's responsibility to inform TnCIS of their space needs by email (tncis@pstcc.edu) by the February application fee deadline. Failure to notify TnCIS of your seating needs may result in a last minute requirement by the airline to have the passenger pay for an additional seat or possibly denial of boarding with the group. The participant is responsible for any additional cost by the airline or TnCIS for unexpected travel costs. Additionally, any lost time on the program will not be reimbursed by TnCIS.