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Institution FAQs

TnCIS represents the colleges and universities in Tennessee devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education throughout the state. TnCIS sponsors an annual conference on international education and continues to expand study abroad and international educational opportunities for students throughout the state. It is our conviction that students and faculty in all academic fields should have an international dimension in their studies and the opportunity to participate in an international experience. TnCIS welcomes membership from all colleges, universities and other organizations seeking to expand opportunities for international educational exchanges. Please see the membership webpage for a current listing.
TnCIS was formed in 2007 by the presidents of the Tennessee Board of Regents system in conjunction with the Chancellor’s Office. 
TnCIS is housed at Pellissippi State Community College (PSCC) in Knoxville, Tennessee. PSCC also serves as TnCIS’ fiscal agent. TnCIS will operate under the authority of the President of PSCC. The Executive Director of TnCIS reports directly to the President of PSCC.
No, there are currently no membership dues.
In general, membership of the consortium allows member institution’s faculty and students to participate in TnCIS study abroad programs (current members). Additionally, the consortium can provide training, support and program development to member institutions.
Each year, prior to the future program and course offerings, TnCIS will submit a list of programs and courses to TBR Academic Affairs. Those are then disseminated to each institution’s CAO or designee. The CAO or designee is asked to review the course offerings and select which may be offered to students at their institution. Students will only be permitted to enroll in courses approved by their home institution.