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TnCIS Operational Handbook

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Operational Handbook
Operational Handbook:  Policies and Procedures
Appendix A.  Proposing a New TnCIS Study Abroad Program
Appendix B.  Institutional Approval Form
Appendix C.  TnCIS Syllabus Outline
Appendix D.  Academic Infrastructure for Study Abroad and Exchange Programs
Appendix E.  Program Director Responsibilities
Appendix F.  Director/Faculty Spring Orientation
Appendix G.  Program Director Agreement
Appendix H.  Program Director's Operational Handbook Outline
Appendix I.  TnCIS Program and Academic Evaluation
Appendix J.  Program Evaluation by Program Director
Appendix K.  Faculty Agreement
Appendix L.  Applying to Teach in an Existing TnCIS Program
Appendix M.  TnCIS Online Application
Appendix N.  Program Faculty Responsibilities
Appendix O.  Faculty Course Reporting Form
Appendix P.  TnCIS Student Application (on Web)
Appendix Q.  Designation of Medical Surrogacy
Appendix R.  Medical History Form
Appendix S.  Rules of Conduct Contract
Appendix T.  Agreement to Provide Services
Appendix U.  Pre-Departure Program Orientation
Appendix V.  On-Site Orientation Outline
Appendix W. Crisis Management for Program Directors
Appendix X.  Crisis Management Chart
Appendix Y.  Institutional Crisis Management
Appendix Z.  Report of Incident / Disciplinary Action
Appendix AA. Assumption of Risks, Release of Liability, and Hold Harmless Agreement
Appendix BB. Family Member/Non-Student Companion Form
Appendix CC. Guidelines for Student Independent Travel