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Financial Aid

Applications for financial aid (scholarships, grants and student loans) must be made through your home institution. Please consult your TnCIS campus representative (see member list) for information and instructions. Scholarships are available at many member institutions and can be found on the Scholarship Information webpage.

Financial Aid FAQ's

All students interested in obtaining financial aid for study abroad should fill out the FAFSA at the beginning of each academic year. Federal and State financial aid can often be applied to a study abroad experience as long as the program you study in is approved for credit at your institution. TnCIS courses are approved for credit by individual member institutions. Please consult the listing of programs and courses offered at your school.
In mid-November, TnCIS supplies all institutions with a cost sheet that outlines the expenses paid in the program fee. This allows the true cost of taking the course overseas to be reflected in the student’s need, thereby increasing a student’s eligibility for funds. Please talk to your campus representative about setting up a financial aid advisement session using this cost sheet information. The list of representatives is found on the members page.
In general, financial aid varies widely among students. The same is true of financial aid for study abroad. Your personal financial aid profile will be different from anyone else on your campus and this will impact aid for study abroad as well. Also, because schools classify programs differently as “spring” or “summer” courses depending on the timing of the program, eligibility for an increase in financial aid will vary from program to program. Be sure to have an advisement session well in advance of payment deadlines to know exactly what aid you can expect to receive.
The same rules apply to study abroad financial aid as any other aid you receive during the academic year. You must attend your course to receive financial aid. If you decide not to go, you should inform the financial aid office immediately. If you withdraw from a program just before it begins, you will also be subject to the TnCIS cancellation policy and may have to pay considerable penalties from your own funds. You will also be responsible for paying back any promissory notes signed for loans you received through financial aid.
Some students eligible for loans will not receive the funds until after the payment deadline in March. Please consult with your campus representative to find out if your institution offers “Bridge Loans” or "Deferment". A Bridge Loan is a loan that “bridges” the gap between the due date for final payment and the pay out date of the financial aid or loan funds. A Deferment allows students to postpone final payment until the financial aid or loan funds become available. In both cases, the student must sign a promissory note to pay the amount of the bridge loan or deferment in full once the financial aid is available. Not all schools offer this assistance. Check with your campus representative.