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Faculty & Admin Resources

Students in Peru
Faculty and Administrators also need resources that can help prepare them to work with the diverse student populations at our institutions.

Below are some curated resources to help guide you in equity, diversity, and inclusion issues in education abroad. Please contact TnCIS
 if we can be of assistance as you engage with these resources.  


Below are citations for resources from academic journals and other publications. Most should be available through your institution's library.
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  • Salisbury, M., Paulsen, M., & Pascarella, E. (2011). Why do All the Study Abroad Students Look Alike? Applying an Integrated Student Choice Model to Explore Differences in the Factors that Influence White and Minority Students' Intent to Study Abroad. Research in Higher Education, 52(2), 123-150. 
The following are some additional website resources you may want to review.