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TnCIS represents nineteen colleges and universities devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education throughout the state of Tennessee. TnCIS sponsors an annual conference on international education and continues to expand study abroad and international educational opportunities for students throughout the state. It is our conviction that students and faculty in all academic fields should have an international dimension in their studies and the opportunity to participate in an international experience. TnCIS welcomes membership from all colleges, universities and other organizations seeking to expand opportunities for international educational exchanges. Please see the membership webpage for a current listing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible that not all TnCIS programs or all TnCIS courses are available at your institution. Courses may also have slightly different titles and numbers at your institution. Contact your TnCIS campus representative for exact course and program offerings and instructions for registering and paying fees.
  • All programs are offered after the Spring graduation for TBR institutions. Programs are 3 - 4 weeks in length.
  • All courses through TnCIS are for credit only. All courses and their syllabi can be viewed on the TnCIS website under the program pages. A minimum of 3 credit hours is offered in all programs.
  • Students not attending a TnCIS member institution must be accepted at a member institution before applying to a TnCIS program. Members are listed on the TnCIS website at
  • Students accepted to TnCIS programs register and pay the program fee at their TnCIS Member Institution. This allows students to receive course credit directly from their home institution and have it appear on their transcripts. There is no “transfer” of credit.
  • TnCIS does not award financial aid or scholarships. Students must work with the Financial Aid office at their institution for scholarships, grants and student loans.
  • All programs depart from Nashville International Airport.
  • TUITION: Tuition is charged separately from the program fee; however, most member institutions provide a tuition scholarship.

TnCIS Campus Representative: Each member institution has a designated person to assist interested students. The campus rep is knowledgeable about TnCIS programs and can advise you on courses offered at your institution. The rep can also assist students in seeking financial aid advising, registration and payment of fees on your particular campus. A list of reps and their contact information can be found on the members webpage under the individual institution.
TnCIS Operational Handbook
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