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TnCIS 2024: Sustainability Plan

Our Vision 

TnCIS is committing to a three-year plan to align our education abroad programs and practices with global sustainable development goals. Through this plan, our continued efforts to provide an international dimension to higher education in Tennessee will strive to model and teach global respect that enriches the planet as well. 

SDG Wheel GraphicTnCIS is committed to supporting global sustainable development in education abroad programming. We have created a three-year plan to align our education abroad programs and practices with sustainable development in order to demonstrate our shared commitment to international goals focused on improving our interconnected global prosperity. We know that the education abroad community (students, faculty, administrators, etc.) is uniquely motivated to respond to the call for action to improve the lives of all people around the world. Critical action is necessary to achieve a more prosperous balance across societies, economies, and the environment. Supporting global sustainable development in our programs will allow us to not only reap the educational benefits of international understanding and cooperation among people, but also heal and enrich the planet now and into the future. We invite you to explore our draft plan which will continue to develop during year one - TnCIS 2024: Sustainability & International Education.

How can I learn more about sustainable development?

We invite students, faculty, and administrators to explore the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are the center of the UN's vision to impact social and economic well-being around the world while also counteracting the devastating effects of climate change. These interrelated global goals have been developed to help achieve the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which provides “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.” 

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TnCIS Supports the Sustainable Development Goals 
UN SDG Goal 1 graphic UN SDG Goal 2 graphic UN SDG Goal 3 graphic UN SDG Goal 4 graphic UN SDG Goal 5 graphic UN SDG Goal 6 graphic UN SDG Goal 7 graphic UN SDG Goal 8 graphic UN SDG Goal 9 graphic
UN SDG Goal 10 graphic UN SDG Goal 11 graphic UN SDG Goal 12 graphic UN SDG Goal 13 graphic UN SDG Goal 14 graphic UN SDG Goal 15 graphic UN SDG Goal 16 graphic UN SDG Goal 17 graphic