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Diversity & Identity

Group of TnCIS students
TnCIS and our member institutions know that studying abroad is one of the most exciting and impactful experiences a student can have during their academic career. Our goal is for all students, regardless of real or perceived challenges and barriers, to have an international dimension to their studies and the opportunity to participate in an international experience. 

We also know that culture and societal norms differ greatly around the globe. To help prepare students for successful engagement with their program country(ies) and host community, we have assembled the diversity and identity resources on this webpage for you to review as you plan your study abroad experience. By thinking about and researching how the different aspects of your identity may be perceived abroad, you will be better prepared to select the best opportunity for you and your goals for this experience and to interact with and learn from that host country. By no means should the resources here be your only tools for this preparation. We encourage students to independently research about a host country’s political system, culture, customs and language, as well. 


guy wallet worldIf you are currently receiving a Pell grant, you may be eligible for additional grant or scholarship opportunities through these resources.
military helmetVeterans and their families have access to funding through veterans benefits. We encourage you to reach out to your benefits coordinator at your institution for guidance. There is an additional federally funded grant program you may want to explore as well. Click on the link below for more information.