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Dublin, Thurles & Galway

May 12 - June 2, 2014 (3 weeks)

Total Program Fee: $4,530

Academics and Courses
    Application, Cost, and Important Details

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible that not all TnCIS programs or all TnCIS courses are available at your institution. A complete listing of courses offered at each member institution is available at www.tncis.org/members. Please contact your TnCIS campus representative for instructions on registering and paying fees.


Program Location:

Visiting Ireland is a journey through both ancient and modern history with a cultural experience that includes meeting and socializing with one of the world’s friendliest people. Arriving in Dublin we spend several days exploring historical and cultural sites as we stay near center city and the River Liffey. Irish writers, poets, and historical figures are as much a part of the Dublin tours and scene as a stop at the Guinness Brewery and evenings in the famous Temple Bar area for some great Irish music. We spend most of our time in Thurles, County Tipperary, utilizing classroom space at the Limerick Institute of Technology -Tipperary campus.  Genuine Irish Pubs with local musicians, singers, students, and townspeople add to a warm stay that includes excursions to Kilkenney and Cashel with a visit to an ancient castle site dating to the Druids.  Museums, Irish music, and cathedral visits are part of this tremendous experience. We will end our program in Galway, in the west of Ireland, the Cliffs of Mohr, and a day trip to the Aran Islands. The “Emerald Isle” and “The land of our Fathers” are simply unforgettable. 

Program Description:

The Ireland program offers several courses and each includes involvement with the Irish culture. Offerings are scheduled in Education, Marketing, Psychology, English and Mathematics. Students will have the opportunity to be introduced to the history and culture through an initial excursion in Dublin. Opportunities for site visits include Trinity College, Christ Church Cathedral, and the Guinness Brewery. Additional experiences are related to Ireland’s literary tradition such as visits to Dublin Writers Museum and the famous Temple Bar district. Thurles involves classes, music, and a great opportunity for cultural immersion. 

Please note: Prospective students should be aware that study abroad programs require a great deal of walking. You should be prepared to walk at least two to three miles each day. You may also walk over uneven, possibly slippery or rocky terrain even in cities.

Excursions may include: The program spends several days in Dublin on arrival. Tours and visits include city history and some great socializing with music in Dublin’s Temple Bar area. Time spent in Thurles during and outside of class includes excursions to Kilkenney Castle and The Rock of Cashel. Our visit and stay in Galway includes a stop at the Cliffs of Mohr and a day on the Aran Islands.

Classes: Classes will be held on the campus of Limerick Institute of Technology-Tipperary campus in Thurles and other sites in town as needed.

Accommodations: Students will stay in hostels in Dublin and Galway.  A hotel setting will be used in Thurles. Single or multiple roommates housing is used throughout the program. Students will be responsible for the cost of their noonday meal. Breakfast will be provided in each setting. Dublin and Galway hostel settings will allow for some student food preparation for the evening meal.


All TnCIS programs are academic in nature and course work that takes advantage of the program location will be the central focus. Programs offered by TnCIS through any member institution  are in keeping with SACSCOC policies for each respective institution where compliance is monitored at the institutional level.  TnCIS program courses are for credit only. In Ireland, students will enroll in ONE of the following courses:

ENGLISH:  British Literature I: 650-1784  (Prerequisite: ENGL 1020)
A study of the development of British Literature from three periods: Anglo-Saxon and Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Restoration and 18th century. Our journey will immerse us in the culture - history, music, literature, and entertainment - of Ireland.  In Dublin, you might visit Trinity College, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, and view the Book of Kells in the College Library.  Once we arrive in Thurles, possible visits to Holy Cross Abbey, St. Mary's Church, Farney Castle, Ballynahow Castle, and other sites can provide a rich context for our literary journey. A trip to the Aran Islands will allow students to hear the Irish language and to explore Iron and Bronze Age ruins. We will wrap up our literary and cultural exploration of Ireland in Galway.  Ireland has born witness to clan wars, religious divisions, colonization, famine, political machinations, and the ultimate survival of those who wrote our texts. This literary survey will emphasize the implicit tension in studying the early texts of British Literature in a setting which firmly rejected English attempts at control. Our work will highlight nuances of Irish culture and national pride which have emerged from those centuries of resistance. See course syllabus

ENGLISH: Myth and Tradition: Celtic Mythos (Prerequisite: ENGL 1010)
This course entails an introduction to prominent Celtic deities and myths as well as their influence on present day attitudes and behavior.  Besides engaging local Celtic culture, students may have the chance to visit New Grange, reputedly associated with the mystical Tuatha de Danann, and Tara, the crowning site for the ancient high kings, just north of Dublin as well as local sites related to myth.  See course syllabus

MANAGEMENT: Introduction to Business (No Prerequisite)
The structure of American business; survey of the fundamental principles of business organizations; exploration of career opportunities and professionalism in business (For freshman business students and students in other fields).  Ireland offers an abundance of festive cultural activities to enjoy as well as breathtaking natural scenery. Possible excursions for this course include a visit to the National Print Museum to guide discussions about the role of crafts in Ireland’s economy, the future of the newspaper industry as it pertains to business strategy, and the role of Irish immigrants in the American labor movement. Students will also tour companies in Thurles and Dublin representing such industries as pharmaceutical, information technology, financial services, or manufacturing. Company tours will involve observation and/or interviews with managers. Drawing from the experiences and perceptions of these managers and other guest lecturers, we will observe and highlight differences in business practices in Ireland compared to those in the U.S., including unique economic challenges and opportunities, human resource management practices, and performance management considerations.  See course syllabus

INDEPENDENT STUDY: Management & Leadership in Ireland
(MGMT 6990) (Prerequisites: Department Head’s and Instructor’s consent - contact Dr. Carrie Hurst). ONLY AVAILABLE TO EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. 

MARKETING: Principals of Marketing
(1000 level - No Prerequisites)
This course is a general survey of the functions , processes, institutions and systems involved in the identification of consumer needs and wants and their satisfaction through the exchange process. The course covers both commercial and societal exchange processes. Interviews and visitations in Dublin and Thurles will focus on Marketing of Ireland’s culture experiences and historical sites as well as Real Estate Marketing in Tipperary. Tourism Marketing and management in Ireland will also be a central course focus. A reflection paper on the visits and interviews will be required.  See course syllabus

WEB:  Special Topics: International Web Production (Prerequisites: WEB 1600, or CSIT 2645 - or equivalent at student's home institution - or consent of instructor)
Students will develop a web site designed to communicate a point of view or story about a topical, controversial, or compelling issue associated with Ireland, Irish history, or the Irish people. Immersion in the Irish culture will provide experiences and inspiration contributing to the development of this web content and pages. The goal of this course is to give students the experiences and knowledge needed to work in an international setting. In-country travel and attendance at social and cultural events will provide the student with the opportunity to learn about Irish history, culture and traditions. Students will learn the challenges, caveats, and delights of designing web pages in a foreign land.  Students will leave Ireland with stories, memories, research, and content to create a web site showcasing their international study. See course syllabus