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Cost & Payment

Cost of Program

The total cost of the program is comprised of the application fee and program fee (airfare included).  All fees are paid at your home institution.

Application Fee
All students are required to pay a nonrefundable application fee of $100 by the February 11, 2018 application deadline.  The fee is payable at your home institution.  

Please be aware that payments are sent in a weekly report to TnCIS, and therefore may take up to a week to show up in your student portal.

To qualify for the $100 Early Acceptance discount on the program fee, the application fee must be paid by December 3, 2017.  

Please Note: The application fee is nonrefundable once it is paid for both early and regular application deadlines.

Program Fee

The program fee will cover a round trip economy airfare for a single seat from Nashville, and the cost of all other basic program expenses such as program lodging, group excursions, required ground transportation, specified meals and limited health insurance. Expenses not covered in the program fee include, but are not limited to, transportation to and from Nashville, any costs/fees imposed by the airline beyond the single seat economy airfare (i.e. baggage fees or additional seat requirements), passport, any required tourist visa, textbooks and personal spending money. Please be aware that payments are sent in a weekly report to TnCIS, and therefore may take up to a week to show up in your student portal.

Please click here for airline information on "passengers requiring additional space."


Most member institutions provide a tuition waiver for TnCIS programs. Students should contact their TnCIS Campus Rep to find out if tuition is waived. Check with your institution if you have questions. 
**Due to the constant fluctuation in the value of the U.S. Dollar and currencies in
program countries, it is possible that costs may increase. TnCIS reserves the right to
notify students regarding an increase in fees due to exchange rates by March 8, 2018.***
Payment Deadlines
Early Acceptance Application
$100 Nonrefundable application fee 
December 3, 2017 
Regular Acceptance Application
$100 Nonrefundable application fee 
February 11, 2018 
Full payment due (total program fee)  March 8, 2018
Cancellation Policy
Full refund less $100 application fee  Through March 8th 
$2000 cancellation fee Between March 9th and April 9th
No Refund  April 10th

2018 Programs, Dates, and Costs
Program Name  Tentative Dates Costs
Brazil May 7 - 28 $4995
Eastern Europe's Best May 7 - 26 $4300
Ecuador, Galapagos Islands May 7 - June 4 $5500
England July 6 - 27 $4999
France July 2 -  22 $4999
Germany May 6 - 27 $4875
Grand European Capitals I June 4 - 24 $4975
Grand European Capitals II June 26 - July 16 $4975
Grand European Capitals III June 4 - July 16 $7999
Greece May 6 - 25 $4225
India July 8 - 28 $4699
Ireland June 26 - July 17 $4530
Italy May 12 - June 2 $4995
Japan May 6 - 27 $4999
Scotland May 30 - June 19 $4870
South Africa May 14 - June 4 $4695
South Korea May 6 - 27 $4999
Spain May 7 - 28 $4200
Turkey May 6 - 27 $4885
Peru Capstone March 3 - 10 $2850