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Non-US Citizens

Non-US Citizen Participants (including US Permanent Residents)

If you are an international student or non-US citizen (i.e. do not hold or are unable to obtain a US passport), you are welcome to apply to a TnCIS program, however, there are a few additional details you will need to manage in order to study abroad.

1st - You should apply for a TnCIS study abroad program through the online application and submit all required documents and the application fee.  

2nd - After being accepted into a program, you must complete all required forms and provide a copy of your current valid passport.  If you are a US Permanent Resident you must also send a copy of your PR document (Green Card).

3rd - You will need to verify if a tourist visa is required for you to enter the country of your study abroad program. You can typically find this information online by researching the program country's embassy/consulate webpage.  If a tourist visa is not required, a statement from the program country's embassy/consulate or their official website indicating that you do not require a visa for entry to that country must be sent to TnCIS via email  If you require a tourist visa, please request any required letter and/or documentation from TnCIS verifying your participation in the program.  Additional information such as airline itinerary, lodging arrangements, or health insurance can also be provided. Please be aware that TnCIS cannot provide this letter or any other documentation until you are accepted, have submitted all forms and documents, and have paid the full program fee. You are responsible for obtaining the tourist visa. Plan to apply for any required tourist visas as soon as possible.

4th - You must consult with your international student service office to ensure that you have the proper documentation for reentry to the US following the program.  TnCIS cannot advise students on any issues related to US visa or reentry requirements.  

Please be aware that all necessary documentation required for travel to and from the program location is the responsibility of the participant.  Contact TnCIS if you need assistance.