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Please read all instructions for completing this application before you begin.  It is recommended that you first save your text responses in a word processing document and then cut and paste them into your application below in case your submission is not received. You will need to upload documents and should be aware of all requirements as outlined on the Teaching in an Existing TnCIS Program webpage.

PART I: Personal Information (Please complete all sections)

Part II: Applicant Information (Please complete all sections.) 
In naming your files, please include your last name in the document name.  We will be able to better retrieve the correct file for your application.

Are you familiar with the country in which you are applying to teach? Please describe your experience /knowledge?


If you have not traveled in this country, how do you plan to acquire the necessary information to maximize the effectiveness of your course?


What languages do you know or plan to study that will make your travel/teaching more effective? (For non-English speaking countries only)


Have you ever applied to teach in a TnCIS program before?


Have you ever taught in a TnCIS program before?


Have you ever taught in a non-TnCIS study abroad program?


Do you have plans to participate in any non-TnCIS sponsored study abroad program(s) for the same academic year as this proposal?


If so, please give details.